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‘Hands Across the Border’ Live at the Guildhall Gloucester 2009


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Eleven tracks recorded live in 2009 at the Guildhall Gloucester England.

Band Members: Charlie ‘Chick’ Allan (Pipes), Kev Johnston (Drums), Marcus Dickson (Drums), Ally McClelland (Drums), Joe Owens (Guitar).

Track List

  1. The Irish (Live)
  2. Weramur (Live)
  3. Artur Ard Righ (Live)
  4. Road Trip (Live)
  5. Rocky Top (Live)
  6. AfterMath (Live)
  7. Clansman (Live)
  8. AD/BC (Live)
  9. Duncarron (Live)
  10. Upyerrockye (Live)
  11. Chamalihitchin feat Schelmish (Live)